Hotel Rosentalturm Basel

3-star lifestyle hotel with a 5-star executive area with approx. 160 rooms
Basel, Switzerland
MCH Group AG
Time Frame:
since May 2011
test planning completed
Consultancy Services
Image sources:
Herzog & de Meuron Ltd.
Morger Dettli Architekten AG

The MCH Group intends to renovate an insanitary parking deck at the exhibition site in Basel. The addition of a hybrid hospitality use as well as office and residential spaces to boost and enhance the area has been analyzed in a test plan. hcb, as a member of the advisory group, created in this context a hotel developer study with a product recommendation, including a space program as well as a calculation of profitability.

After the completion of the test planning, the firms Herzog & de Meuron Ltd. and Morger Dettli Architekten AG have now been commissioned to deepen their studies with an adjusted space program including a 10,000 m2 floor area for a 3-star lifestyle hotel with a 5-star executive area.

Olaf Steinhage - advisory board - Hotel at Basel fair

Olaf Steinhage
Graduate Engineer Architect
Real Estate Economist (ebs)

Olaf Steinhage
Tel +49 30 34 34 74 0

project participants (selection):

MCH Group
Spiegel Wagner Partner AG