Hotel Pier 3 HafenCity

3 star superior hotel with 212 rooms
HafenCity, Hamburg
Besucherhaus GbR (operating comany)
Time frame:
since June 2013
implementation phase
project development (contract negotiations, compilation of contract appendices), project management (technical assistance)
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HafenCity Pressebild
"We might know one or two things about model railways and operating a tourist attraction. About the hotel industry, however, we are green behind the ears and have initially skated on thin ice. Thanks to the expertise and the excellent advice by hcb we now go with firm steps and look forward every day to open our hotel." Frederik Braun, Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH


An exceptional hotel operating company has been found in this project: hotelier Kai Hollmann (Fortune Hotel), Prof. Norbert Aust from Schmidt Theater and Schmidt’s Tivoli, and the brothers Gerrit and Frederik Braun of the “Miniatur Wunderland” have decided to jointly implement a hotel project in Hamburg's HafenCity. This hotel will open itself up to tourists and the inhabitants of Hamburg likewise by not solely being a hotel but also offering cultural events through an in-door stage (working title “Hafenbühne"). In addition, a special offer for the youngest guests will be created. We find this project exceptionally exciting – not only because of the different protagonists and their creative ideas.

hcb hospitality competence berlin supports the Besucherhaus GbR since June 2013. At the time of assignment, the task was to professionally accompany the hotel contract negotiations, to draw up the contract appendices as well as to bring the project to a status to all parties signing the contract. In a follow-up mandate, hcb currently supports the hotel operator with services within Project Management (Technical Assistance), such as the representation of the interests of the operators with respect to the constructor, communication of hotel-specific planning guidelines, plausibility check of the technical planning, preparation of formal approval processes or defense of cost overruns and supplemental claims.

Jan Winterhoff, hcb, Hotel Consulting

Jan Winterhoff
B.A. Business Administration
Real Estate Investments and Asset Management Certificate

Jan Winterhoff
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