CAMPUS Oberhof

touristic development concept and action plan
Thuringian Forest, Thuringia
Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH (LEG)
Time frame:
October 2013 – March 2014
Level 1 completed, currently implementation phase
Services hcb:
Level 1: concept development and action plan, acquisition of investors and operators
Image sources:
Oberhof Tourismus GmbH,
"Since the development of the destination Oberhof as a tourist and sporting lighthouse continues to be a tourism policy goal of particular importance to us, we initiated a tender to this issue in 2013.
With the present result, hcb not only met our expectations, but actually exceeded them. "
Birgit Schröder, project leader, LEG Thüringen mbH


Oberhof is a touristic destination with an extended tradition. Till today it is, beside the city destinations Erfurt and Weimar, the most frequently visited holiday spot in Thuringia. The image of Oberhof as a renowned and well-known wintersport destination has been established across Germany and even internationally, partially because of great sports events, such as the world cup in biathlon.

As the main goal is the medium- and long-term protection of the competitive abilities, the qualitative as well as quantitative advancement of the destination Oberhof is seen as one of the state’s major political objectives with high priority on all decision- and operating levels. Following this, a vital field of action is the structured and precise development of the touristic supply structures, especially in the area of accommodations/hotels.

hcb hospitality competence berlin GmbH developed the concept and action plan “CAMPUS Oberhof – active & relaxed”. The strategic focus is the design of a holistic touristic development frame, which, amongst others, serves as a resilient basis for the initiation of complementary accommodation projects and accordingly the qualification of existing supply structures. The core of the concept CAMPUS Oberhof constitutes the establishment of a central campus in the center of the city. Constitutive on the strengths and chances of Oberhof, a future-oriented development frame has been defined, one which is based on urbanistic and touristic features. The CAMPUS Oberhof represents the identity of the city by functionally as well as spatially connecting different “active & relaxed” components within the city center and the surroundings, making it yearlong perceptible for residents and guests.

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