integrated tourism development concept
Municipal of Bayrischzell, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria
Municipal of Bayrischzell
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new positioning of the location profile, derivation of an action- and execution plan (masterplan)
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Municipal of Bayrischzell
With innovative and creative ideas and a broad market overview hcb gives significant impetus to our local development. Harald Gmeiner, Tourism Manager, Municipal of Bayrischzell


The Municipal of Bayrischzell is part of the Alpine Region Tegernsee Schliersee (ATS) and stands for alpine idyll and mountain panorama. But even the most tranquil region is confronted with ongoing market developments and unsteady visitor numbers. Current trends like increasing mobility, great diversity in innovation and a rising competition pressure in the hospitality sector lead to the new touristic ATS masterplan 2011.

hcb hospitality competence berlin developed and implemented concrete measures to strengthen the role of the Municipal of Bayrischzell as appealing resort town. In this process, great importance is attached to a close cooperation with locals and local experts: realistic future prospects via local competence.

Particular attention was paid to, on the one hand, the feasibility of the projects on-site, and, on the other hand, to the integration of old and new structures. The common goal was to further stimulate the tourism destination Bayrischzell and to give as many visitors as possible the chance to experience this unique region.

Jan Sönnichsen, hcb

Jan Sönnichsen
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Urban planner

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